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THULCANDRA | Voices from the Dark Side

THULCANDRA is one of the leading Death / Black Metal bands in Germany and Europe and have managed to capture the spirit of the early and mid 90s and transferred this magic into our time. Their so far three outputs are groundbreaking and each considered for itself is an outstanding piece of art. Some time has passed since the last tour and the hunger for new material made us to reach out to the band.

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Thulcandra | Guitar Playthrough

Here comes another Thulcandra playthrough for you: ‘Spirit Of The Night‘ from our debut album ‘Fallen Angel’s Dominion‘.

Watch the full video on YouTube now:

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Thulcandra headlining K-Town Festival 2018

Vvk: 30€
Ak: erhöhter Preis
Tagestickets nur Ak

Apega – Black Metal (Ger)

Chasing Death – Death Metal (Ger)

CxAxHx – Slam Death Metal (Ger)

Casket – Death Metal (Ger)

Deranged – Death Metal (Swe)

Doomed – Death Doom (Ger)

Himinbjorg – Pagan Metal (Fr)

Infest – Death Thrash Metal (Ser)

Lifeless – Death Metal (Ger)

Ophis – Death Doom (Ger)

The Lamplighters – PunkRock (Ger)

The Unwakened – Funeral Doom (Ger)

Thulcandra – Black/Death Metal (Ger)

Thrudvangar – Viking Metal (Ger)

Torturized – Death Metal (Ger)

+many more

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Thulcandra | Ascending Delusion Tour 2017 – NEW DATE!


Presented by & Legacy Magazine

11.05. AT Wien – Escape TICKETS

12.05. AT Graz – Explosiv TICKETS

13.05. GER Nürnberg – Der Cult TICKETS

14.05. GER Weinheim – Cafè Central TICKETS

15.05. GER München – Backstage Club TICKETS

16.05. GER Berlin – Maze Club TICKETS

17.05. GER Hamburg – Marx TICKETS

18.05. GER Hannover – Lux TICKETS

19.05. GER Erfurt – From Hell TICKETS

20.05. GER Rheine – Hypothalamus TICKETS

Dragon Productions |

Redback Promotion |


Nailed to Obscurity

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