Thulcandra 4 CD Bundle


A Dying Wish track listing:

  1. Funeral Pyre
  2. Scarred Grandeur
  3. Orchard of Grievance
  4. In Vain
  5. Nocturnal Heresy
  6. The Slivering Silver
  7. In Bleak Misery
  8. A Shining Abyss
  9. Devouring Darkness
  10. A Dying Wish

Live at 15 Year Anniversary Show 2018

11. The Spirit of the Night (Bonus Track)
12. Night’s Blood (Bonus Track)

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All four full length albums in one package!

Digipack Strictly Limited Edition to 1000 Copies Only incl. the Limited First Edition Digipak with 2 Bonus Tracks (“Spirit of the Night” & “Night’s Blood” Live at 15 Year Anniversary Show)

A Dying Wish guarantees instant frostbites just as the first glance at the thrilling icy-blue cover artwork promises. After the listener is buried under the opener’s avalanche, THULCANDRA spans a dark arc between acoustic interludes and harsh blackened death metal parts. The quiet interlude “In Bleak Misery” marches into “A Shining Abyss”, which guides its listeners like a torch through the night. Dramatic riffing and the screeching growls of Steffen Kummerer create dark and dense walls of sound as up-tempo tracks like “The Slivering Silver” and “Devouring Darkness” offers strong leads, driving riffs and engaging drums that let the storm rage on without mercy. The final, title track “A Dying Wish” provides a great finale that covers everyone and everything under a massive layer of cold, leaving the world behind in nothing but ice and snow.

Fallen Angel’s Dominion (2010)

Under A Frozen Sun (2011)

Ascension Lost (2015)

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