THULCANDRA launch Hail The Abyss Bundle

Strictly limited to 500 pieces. 12″ Transparent BlueHail The AbyssVinyl, Thulcandra guitar tablature book with essentials from 2003 – 2023 (276pp, A4, spiral binding), “Black Sun Aeon7″ vinyl single incl. two previously unreleased tracks, record butler in album design, play-along  tracks for tab-book available via Download, all packed in wooden box.

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  1. Hail The Abyss Vinyl BLUE
  2. Hail The Abyss CD
  3. Exclusive Black Sun Aeon 7″ Vinyl Black
  4. Exclusive Guitar Tablature Book + Play-along Tracks & PDF
  5. Exclusive Record Butler

Guitar Tablature Book – The Essentials

  1. Fallen Angel’s Dominion
  2. Frozen Kingdom
  3. The Spirit Of The Night
  4. In Blood And Fire
  5. Aeon Of Darkness
  6. Ritual Of Sight
  7. Deliverance In Sin And Death
  8. Sorrow Of The One
  9. The Second Fall
  10. Funeral Pyre
  11. In Vain
  12. A Dying Wish
  13. As I Walk Through The Gateway
  14. Hail The Abyss
  15. The Final Closure

7″ EP – Black Sun Aeon 

  1. Black Sun Aeon
  2. Legions Of The Black Flame

12″ Vinyl – Hail The Abyss 

  1. In The Eye Of Heaven
  2. Hail The Abyss
  3. At Night
  4. Velvet Damnation
  5. On The Wings Of Cosmic Fire
  6. Acheronian Cult
  7. As I Walk Through The Gateway
  8. In Darkness We Descend
  9. Blood Of Slaves
  10. The Final Closure

THULCANDRA’s rise to power ignited when the Germany-based outfit unleashed their debut album, Fallen Angel’s Dominion, upon metaldom in 2010. The group, fronted by founding member and visionary Steffen Kummerer (also of Obscura fame), have tightened their hibernal grip on blackened death metal since. The desolate melodic emanations in follow-up studio records Under a Frozen Sun (2011), Ascension Lost (2015), and the chart-topping, 2021-album A Dying Wish, dedicated to the late drummer Chris Kratzer, solidified THULCANDRA as a superior force, expertly thrusting the magic and mystery of mid-’90s melodic black-death metal into the modern era. 

Their fifth attack, entitled Hail the Abyss, sees THULCANDRA prove yet again why they’re atop death metal’s malefic vedette! Fierce tracks such as “As I Walk Through The Gateway”, or the uber-brutal “Blood Of Slaves”, showcase the band‘s affinity for dark, aggressive, and mellifluous metal while the album title track and the epic, mid-tempo rager “On The Wings Of Cosmic Fire” rip and terrorize with the intensity of hell. As always, THULCANDRA‘s about a vibe – there’s a distinct “feel” to the band’s latest album that’s distinctly old-school but without the tired trappings of it. 

The four-piece just invaded North America for the first time ever with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura and Wolfheart, while presenting the hotly-anticipated Hail the Abyss in all its glory slated for release on May 19, 2023 via Napalm Records. Cooperation with renowned Dan Swanö (Dissection, Opeth, Katatonia), who handled the crushing album mix, was compulsory, as was the re-invitation to cover-master Lochner. Don’t fear the reaper—fear the majestic might of THULCANDRA, as Hail the Abyss will see them ultimately rise to full power!