THULCANDRA releases “Aeon Of Darkness” guitar play through video

Aeon Of Darkness” was taken from Thulcandra’s second record, “Under A Frozen Sun”, 2011 Napalm Records. Steffen Kummerer performing with an ESP/LTD Guitar Phoenix, Ernie Ball strings and ENGL Ironball 25 amp.

Strictly limited to 500 pieces. 12″ Transparent BlueHail The AbyssVinyl, Thulcandra guitar tablature book with essentials from 2003 – 2023 (276pp, A4, spiral binding), “Black Sun Aeon7″ vinyl single incl. two previously unreleased tracks, record butler in album design, play-alongĀ  tracks for tab-book available via Download, all packed in wooden box. Purchase here.


  1. Hail The Abyss Vinyl BLUE
  2. Hail The Abyss CD
  3. Exclusive Black Sun Aeon 7″ Vinyl Black
  4. Exclusive Guitar Tablature Book + Play-along Tracks & PDF
  5. Exclusive Record Butler

Guitar Tablature Book – The Essentials

  1. Fallen Angel’s Dominion
  2. Frozen Kingdom
  3. The Spirit Of The Night
  4. In Blood And Fire
  5. Aeon Of Darkness
  6. Ritual Of Sight
  7. Deliverance In Sin And Death
  8. Sorrow Of The One
  9. The Second Fall
  10. Funeral Pyre
  11. In Vain
  12. A Dying Wish
  13. As I Walk Through The Gateway
  14. Hail The Abyss
  15. The Final Closure

7″ EP – Black Sun Aeon 

  1. Black Sun Aeon
  2. Legions Of The Black Flame

12″ Vinyl – Hail The Abyss 

  1. In The Eye Of Heaven
  2. Hail The Abyss
  3. At Night
  4. Velvet Damnation
  5. On The Wings Of Cosmic Fire
  6. Acheronian Cult
  7. As I Walk Through The Gateway
  8. In Darkness We Descend
  9. Blood Of Slaves
  10. The Final Closure