THULCANDRA | Vinyl Re-Releases

THULCANDRA to Re-Release First Three Albums on Strictly Limited Colored Vinyl on April 23 | Pre-Order NOW! Watch a New Live Video for “Fallen Angel’s Dominion” HERE!

Thulcandra | Band 2022

Germany’s answer to Swedish Old School Death Metal in the style of Dissection, Necrophobic and Unanimated, THULCANDRA, will re-release their three albums Fallen Angel’s Dominion, Under A Frozen Sun and Ascension Lost on strictly limited colored vinyl via Napalm Records on April 23, 2021! All three albums have gained classic status within the genre and are currently completely sold out on vinyl.

Together with the pre-order start, THULCANDRA have released a live video for “Fallen Angel’s Dominion”, recorded in 2010 in their hometown Munich.

THULCANDRA on the new video:

“For our fans supporting Thulcandra since the very beginning, we produced a few selected video clips with footage shot in Munich, Germany. Enjoy the title track of our debut album “Fallen Angel’s Dominion”, performed live back in 2010.”

Watch “Fallen Angel’s Dominion” HERE:

Thulcandra | Fallen Angel's Dominioni Live

THULCANDRA on the Re-Releases:

“With sheer endless patience our fans asked constantly for new vinyl editions of our first three albums. While Thulcandra are working in full swing on the new album, Napalm Records granted our wish to re-release Fallen Angel’s Dominion, Under A Frozen Sun and Ascension Lost as limited editions featuring massive gatefold covers. Since 2010, each record has been ornated and adorned with a grand artwork of Kristian – the Necrolod – Wahlin. To savor each album in its full glory, listen to the music, read through all lyrics and discover each and every detail in those ice cold, freezing and lastly inimitable cover artworks.”

Fallen Angel’s Dominion and Under A Freezing Moon will be available in the following format:

– LP Gatefold Vinyl Silver – strictly limited to 200 (Napalm Records Mailorder only)

Ascension Lost will be available in the following format:

– 2 LP Gatefold Vinyl Silver – strictly limited to 200 (Napalm Records Mailorder only)

All three albums will also be available on brown vinyl, strictly limited to 100, (THULCANDRA Store only)

Fallen Angel’s Dominion – Pre-Order HERE

Thulcandra | Fallen Angel's Dominion BRONZE


  1. In the Realm of thousand Deaths
  2. Night Eternal
  3. Fallen Angel`s Dominion
  4. Frozen Kingdom
  5. Everlasting Fire
  6. Spirit of the Night
  7. Legions of Darkness
  8. In Silence we eternally sleep
  9. The Somberlain

Under A Frozen Sun – Pre-Order HERE

Thulcandra | Under A Frozen Sun BRONZE


  1. In Blood and Fire
    2 Black Flags of Hate
  2. Ritual of Sight
  3. Under a Frozen Sun
  4. Aeon of Darkness
  5. Echoing Voices (A Cold Breeze of Death)
  6. Gates of Eden
  7. Life Demise

Ascension Lost – Pre-Order HERE

Thulcandra | Ascension Lost BRONZE

1. The First Rebellion
2. Throne of Will
3. Deliverance In Sin and Death
4. Demigod Imprisoned
5. Interlude
6. Exalted Resistance
7. The Second Fall
8. Sorrow of the One
9. Ascension Lost
10. Outro
11. Perishness Around Us (Bonus Track)
12. Frozen Kingdom (Bonus Track)
13. Dreaming (Bonus Track)
14. Immortality (Bonus Track)


Steffen Kummerer – Vocals, Guitars
M.D. – Lead-Guitar
Erebor – Drums

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